segunda-feira, 11 de outubro de 2010

Summer Breeze !

O reggae pra mim é viajar, e sair desse mundo normal e encontrar á loucura.
È esquecer dos problemas é flutuar, ir pra Marte, Júpiter, Saturno ou qualquer lugar.
Não importa pra onde, o importante é Viajar... Lembrar de um amor, de momentos felizes, ou imaginar algo que no seu mundo dará certo.
Sinta a musica, sinta batida, sinta a brisa.
O Reggae e tudo isso ou mais. Porque senti-lo é prazeroso e indescritível.

Summer Breeze SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army)
You can feel it in the summer
breeze, there's something in the
trees, some kind of long lost feeling
it kind feels like there's
something wrong, something that
we're doing, or not doing,
it's far gone...
Another way that maybe we
forgot, but maybe we still need..
..What am I not remembering...
cuz I can feel it in the
summer breeze, and it keeps
calling me...

So I'm singing out so
birds start singing again
And I'm playing just so
bells start ringing again..
And I'm yelling, hoping I'll
Start thinking again,
and chasing after Your
in-born concept
I catch a flicker in the mirror
cuz I'm looking for you
but all I see is me but I know
that's hardly true.
The T.V. lies to me
red, green and blue
turn it to black and stare
and I can still see you...

I try to search inside myself
to find the right and the wrong
to find the right and the wrong
But it's so complicated; knowing
what to keep anymore
It's even harder to put into words
or write in a song,
But for some reason I can't
move along
Cuz karma happens, doesn't
matter bout which buble I got
and I can feel it in the air
whether I read it or not,
So I'm continuing to search
and watch this road that I walk,
It's on the tip of my tongue
So I talk
I can remember in my mind

. Adoro essa música ! :)
Beijos a todos !

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